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Husky Boxer Mix: Dog Breed Information

The Husky Boxer mix is a mix of two extremely popular dog breeds. It is a cross between the Siberian Husky and the Boxer.

Husky Boxer Mix

You will agree when you get this breed information that this is a beautiful combination, thanks to the fact that both breeds are extremely smart, working dogs.
However, the truth is that you won’t be able to tell which traits your Boxsky will inherit, and you should know that there are pros and cons connected with both parents’ breeds, the Siberian Husky and the Boxer.
So, with that out of the way, let's get into what to expect from this designer dog breed, the Husky Boxer mix.
History of the Boxsky Breed
The Boxsky came from the Siberian Husky and the Boxer, but how it was developed is still unknown.
The Siberian Husky, which is one of the two parents of the Boxsky, was a medium-sized dog that came from Siberia, Russia.
It is also a working dog. It belongs to the Spitz genetic family and was originally bred for sled-pulling over long distances with great speed.
In 1930, this dog breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and as of today, it is ranked the 12th most popular breed on the list of the AKC.
Meanwhile, the Boxer was developed in Germany from the Bullenbeisser in the late nineteenth century.
The Brabanter Bullenbeisser is believed to be the direct ancestor of the Boxer we have today. The Boxer Club was founded in 1897.

In addition, the first Boxer breed standard was published in 1904 and has remained largely unchanged since then. 

This dog breed came to other parts of Europe in the late 19th century and was brought to the United States in the 20th century. 

And the Boxer was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1904.

Boxsky's Common Health Issues

The Husky Boxer mixes are amazingly healthy dogs, although they are susceptible to a few natural health issues.

Husky Boxer Mix

Health conditions such as vision issues and joint dysplasia are fairly normal, so you should ensure that you get your pooch to your veterinarian for regular checkups as soon as you bring it home.
It is quite possible that your Boxsky will suffer from heart issues as it gets older. 

With that being said, you should get your pooch checked regularly by your veterinarian for the following health conditions:
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Canine Epilepsy
  • Cataracts or Retinal Atrophy
  • Congenital Heart Defects
Husky Boxer Mix Breed Maintenance

The Husky Boxer mix is not a hypoallergenic breed and sheds greatly. 

I will not recommend this designer dog breed for people who suffer from allergies, thanks to the fact that its coat has constant blowouts.
With a rubber curry brush, you are to brush the coat of your pooch daily, as this will help get rid of a lot of its dead hair.
When the shedding is severe, a slicker brush and a de-shedding tool will be very useful. 

This designer dog breed does not need a regular bath, and it is not a roller either. 

However, its teeth should be brushed two to three times each week at a minimum. And you should also take good care of its nails.
You should inspect your dog's nails on a regular basis for cracks and tears. Also, check its ears for wax buildup.
And, in addition, you are to make sure you dry the ears of your Boxsky thoroughly after a swim if it loves water.

Boxer Husky Mix Appearance

The Boxers are quite well-known for their squashed muzzle, but I’m sure you are quite curious about what the result will be when they are crossed with the long nose of Huskies.

Husky Boxer Mix

Based on the dominant genes, the Boxer Husky mix puppy can either inherit the facial appearance of its Husky parent or that of its Boxer parent.
They can also possess the pointed ears of their Husky parent or the floppy ears of their Boxer parent, so generally, the facial appearance of this hybrid dog is extremely distinctive.
  • Height
The height of the Siberian Husky breed is around 21 to 23.5 inches, and comparably, that of the Boxer breed is also around 21 to 25 inches.
So, you should expect the height of your Boxsky to be in the same range, which will be around 20 to 25 inches.
  • Weight
Generally, Huskies are more lightweight; they weigh around 35 to 60 pounds. 

On the other hand, Boxers can weigh more, which is around 55 to 70 pounds.
And the weight of this mixed breed falls in the range of 35 to 70 pounds. You should expect the weight range of this hybrid dog to vary.

  • Coat
The coat of the Husky Boxer mix is part of its appearance that is quite difficult to predict.
The Siberian Huskies possess a thicker coat, which includes an undercoat and topcoat.
This aids their adaptation to cold weather conditions. This dog breed can be black, brown, grey, white, or copper red in color.

On the other hand, the Boxers are easily distinguishable thanks to their classic short hair. 

The majority of this dog breed is brindle or fawn in color with a white underbelly.
So, you should expect a range of various colors and patterns on the cross of these two coats. 
A great number of Husky Boxer mix dogs possess distinctive facial patterning, thanks to the mix of colors and patterns.
This makes this designer dog breed even more charming. 

You can expect medium-to-high shedding from your Boxsky due to the fact that its Siberian Husky parent possesses a long coat and its Boxer parent is short-haired. 

Your pooch, the Boxer Husky mix will also require regular brushing.
Boxsky Temperament
Due to its Siberian Husky parent’s traits, Boxsky is considered to possess high energy levels.
Husky Boxer Mix

This extremely active designer dog breed requires constant exercise.
It loves to be active all the time, and the same goes for its family. 

If not provided with early training, your pooch might be reluctant toward strangers.
Both parents, the Siberian Husky, and the Boxer, are excellent guard dogs. 

Your pooch will be able to distinguish between a friendly stranger and a trespasser, and this can only be done through early training.
This designer dog breed is a great option for a family pet, but not for young children.
Boxsky is high-spirited, and its cheerfulness can be too much for them to handle. This designer dog breed is an amazing vocal breed.
It will require consistent and firm instructions on how to efficiently reduce its frequent barking.
Your pooch will also require early socialization in order to be friendly with other dogs and other animals.
I will suggest using positive reinforcement and rewards like treats with the smart hybrid dog.
Training for a Husky Boxer Mix
Husky Boxer mixes are quite smart and are always eager to learn new tricks.
However, training them is quite a task, all thanks to their stubborn personalities, particularly when they are fully grown.
As mentioned above, I strongly suggest you start training your pooch quite early, as this will help boost the chances of your pooch learning more commands as it gets older.
I will recommend short training sessions and, as mentioned above, make use of treats and positive reinforcements such as praise for their good behavior.
Boxsky Exercise
This designer dog breed requires an amazingly high amount of exercise, which will help keep your pooch happy and composed.
I will suggest providing this hybrid dog with a spacious yard where it will be able to run around.
Additionally, Boxsky will also require daily walks, taking it to the dog park, and spending at least 30 minutes a day with it playing fetch or some other game.
The lifespan of this designer dog breed will improve when it gets adequate exercise, and you also have to ensure that your pooch is calm and happy when with its family at the end of the day.

The cost of one Boxsky puppy can range from anywhere between $800 and $1,000 in the United States.

Compared to the Siberian Husky, that is the same price range, but in comparison with a purebred Boxer, that is a lower one.
The price range of a purebred Boxer can be between $1,000 and $1,500. However, for this designer dog breed, that is not the overall cost.
This is so because you will also need to spend some $600, which will be for its food annually, and this is actually determined by the average consumption of the Husky Boxer Mix.
There are also medical fees, but you should require a lot less money when it comes to raising this designer dog breed.
I will advise that you consider all the potential tests; making sure that your pup is safe is your utmost priority, which is why those tests are required.
Food Requirements
Knowing the kind of diet that your pooch needs is one of the best ways to keep it healthy.

Your pooch, the Siberian Husky Boxer mix, will require a cup of food three times per day, and you should also make sure that the food has a lot of vitamins and minerals.
This is due to the fact that your Boxsky is a medium-weight dog. You should also be aware that certain foods can be dangerous to dogs.
Your Husky Boxer mix will love some raw meat or probably go for fiber-based cereal, but I will suggest that you avoid some human food as it can be harmful to your pooch.
Indigestion can be caused by citrus fruits, and raisins and grapes can be dangerous for dogs.
Before you decide to feed your pup anything other than high-quality dog food, I strongly suggest you learn about those foods that can be harmful to your dog.
It can be quite tempting to want to share everything you eat with your dog, but first, make sure you are not causing it any harm.
Final Thoughts
When adopting or buying a Boxer Husky mix, there are some important things you need to consider first, like their health issues, the amount of time you are willing to spend with it, and so on.

This dedication is what will result in a loyal and affectionate pet. 

The Boxsky is a distinctive-looking dog that possesses an appealing personality, thanks to the mix of traits from the Siberian Huskies and the Boxers.
Early training and socialization are quite important for this designer dog breed, as this will keep your pooch composed.
You should also know that your pooch will have its own little quirks, and I can’t guarantee what traits your Siberian Husky and Boxer mix will inherit from its parents.
However, if you are willing to go with a Husky Boxer mix, it is a very distinct designer dog breed and a great pet option.

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