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Can Huskies Be Left Alone? Important Facts

The question "Can huskies be left alone?" is actually an important one to ask. You need to know whether you can leave your Husky alone at home or not.

It is quite possible that holidays are around the corner or that your work schedule or hours have changed.

Can Huskies Be Left Alone

In this guide, you will get to know and have a better understanding of how long Huskies can be left alone and what this can result in.

The truth is that most Huskies cannot endure being left alone. Huskies are often dependent on human company, which makes being left alone difficult at times.

When Huskies are left alone for a long period of time, they can begin to display unpleasant behavioral and mental issues such as stress, anxiety, disobedience, and even some destructive behaviors.
How Long Can Huskies Be Left Alone?
So, let’s answer the next important question: "How long can huskies be left alone?"

Well, your Husky can stay inside with you most of the day, especially if you have a fenced-in yard.
Can Huskies Be Left Alone

However, becoming an independent dog that way will take your pooch a long time.
And, to answer the above question, Huskies will need to be over 18 months old to be able to be left alone. They can stay in their crates for around 4 to 6 hours per day.
Although, when it comes to the puppies, they shouldn’t be left alone for more than 2 to 3 hours a day.
Your pooch will require free run time for a few hours. However, if it is left alone unsupervised for an extended period of time, it may pose a risk.
I will suggest you put your pooch in a puppy kindergarten if you are away from work for a long time. 

This will help your pooch transition to being independent, thanks to the fact that it will be trained and supervised by a professional.

How long it will take your Husky to become independent is actually based on how it has been raised and trained, so it is quite hard to predict.
You should also create time for your husky, spend more time with it, and play with it. So, do not try to stop your dog if it depends on your attention.
You have to show your husky love, cuddle with it, play with it, and give it your attention. Early socialization is also quite important for this dog breed.
Great Strategies to Deal with Your Huskies’ Unusual Behavior When Left Alone

If you won't be able to be with your dog, you'll need to keep other options in mind to help it cope with loneliness.

Can Huskies Be Left Alone

  • Toys

Huskies love toys; they get very excited and happy when they play with toys. So, all you need are different toys, but make sure they are playable and chewable.
However, you need to make sure those chew toys are made of safe and soft materials to avoid damaging your pooch’s teeth.

This will give you time for yourself while your Husky is left alone. I will suggest you go for dog balls and plush toys, as they are ideal toys for Huskies.
So, the bottom line is that when you are not at home, toys will help keep your Husky busy.
  • A Piece of Your Cloth
Keeping your clothes near your Husky is one of the best ways to deal with separation anxiety in dogs.
This will help them not miss you too much and not go crazy stressing about not seeing you. Doing this is a way of showing your Husky that you are near it.
This method is actually used by most owners as it helps fill their absence while they are out, so you can make use of this method to keep your Husky from missing you.
  • Dog Sitter

A dog sitter is another effective way to alleviate your Husky's loneliness. The fear and anxiety of being alone can be cured by a dog sitter.
The proper attention given to the dogs by dog sitters is the main reason why they prove to be excellent companions.

You should bring a dog sitter to watch and care for your Husky whenever you decide to stay away from home.
I’m sure that you are aware that proper attention is an essential factor if you intend to keep your Husky happy.
Do Huskies Hate Being Left Alone?

We’ve been talking about whether Huskies can be left alone or not, but there’s also another important question, which is whether they hate being left alone or not.

Generally, Huskies do not love being left alone at home. Although every Husky is different.

Can Huskies Be Left Alone

They prefer being in the company of people or other dogs, thanks to the fact that they are pack animals.
Just because they don’t enjoy being alone doesn’t mean they can’t learn to be left alone and not be stressed about it.
How to Teach Your Husky to Stay at Home Alone

Your husky should be able to stay alone for some time, and this goes for all dogs.
Preferably, this is something you will have to teach your Husky from an early age.
However, you can also train an adult dog to stay home alone, or at least to endure it.
So, to train a Husky to stay home alone, you will need to start by leaving it in a confined area, which includes a selected room.
Make sure this is done for around 30 minutes to an hour per day. Gradually, your pooch will learn how to be alone this way, and it will also understand that you will always come back.
You should provide everything your dog might require, as this will make his alone time more enjoyable.
Things they need include water, food, and toys. And, for toys that include Kong for dogs or probably puzzle toys, they are the best and will also keep your pooch busy.
As an alternative, you can also go for a chew toy, which is also an ideal option for your pooch. You should practice leaving your Husky alone when you are around.
Get a room that will serve as a confinement space and go about your daily activities at home.
Your dog must not see it as a big deal in order for it to be comfortable being home alone, which means it has to have done it a lot of times.
Final Thoughts
You shouldn’t worry if you are facing this issue with your Husky. This is an extremely common situation with almost all dog breeds.

However, it is quite truer for Huskies, thanks to the fact that they are extra sensitive, so following everything discussed above will help you get through this issue successfully.

Can Huskies Be Left Alone

Make sure you never take your Husky for granted but also train it to be left alone for a short period of time.
So, with all that being said, this will conclude this guide on "Can huskies be left alone?"

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