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Are Huskies Good Service Dogs? Facts

Well, the short answer to the question "Are Huskies good service dogs?" is no. Huskies are not good service dogs.

Are Huskies Good Service Dogs

Siberian Huskies are intelligent, crafty, and quick-witted. And this is something that begs the question of whether they are good service dogs or not.
However, I will acknowledge, as I’m sure you will too, that this is an understandable question, but as you also know, it has a surprising answer.

As said, Huskies do not make perfect service dogs. And this is thanks to their stubbornness and unpredictability.
These are the things or traits that make them undependable, especially in crucial circumstances.
However, they still have their uses. Siberian Huskies are perfect for being sled dogs or watchdogs.
In this guide, there will be more related topics to the above question, which has also been answered.
What is a Service Dog? 

The desire of many dog owners is for their dogs to become service dogs, as this will enable them to accompany them on airplanes or into stores.

But, with that being said, this is not the correct definition of a service dog.
An ideal service dog is an extremely trained animal that carries out certain tasks. This is done to help their owners with special needs.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) particularly states:
A dog must be trained to perform certain tasks when required to help a person with a disability or special needs.

This is to say that just giving comfort or following their handler into a store or an airplane is not a job for a service animal, or in this case, a service dog.
For example, an ideal service dog would alert its owner to, say, diabetes when his or her blood sugar levels rise or fall.
And, for an individual with epilepsy, an ideal service dog will notify its owner of the beginning of a seizure.
However, to make your Husky an ideal service dog, you will be required to have a disability or special needs.
You will also need to train your dog to particularly help with a disability or special need through trained tasks.
What Makes a Good Service Dog? 

As discussed already, you now know what a service dog is, but what a good service dog is, and particularly, what makes a good service dog, is what you are about to find out.

Are Huskies Good Service Dogs

You will need to know what makes a good service dog if you intend to find out whether Huskies can be a good service dog.
As mentioned above, service dogs are dogs that are trained to perform certain tasks and help their owners.
A Labrador is one of the few examples of service dogs. It can help a wheelchair-bound person open a door.
There is also a German Shepherd that can help lead a blind person across the road. These dogs provide some specific tasks to assist their owners.
What Qualities Make a Good Service Dog?
Are Huskies Good Service Dogs

  • Confidence

Confidence is a trait that is important for service dogs to have. 

They also need to be able to perform tasks in moments of stress. And the opposite of this is a dog that gets concerned quickly.
  • Intelligence
Specifically, service dogs need to be intelligent and possess the ability to solve problems in no time.

This is so because some of the tasks service dogs will need to perform are complicated. So intelligence is a very important trait.

  • Friendliness
A service dog has to be affectionate, loyal, and caring. After all, it needs to be taken care of and looked after by its owner.

But you need to be aware that dogs that are overprotective or standoffish are ideal for being perfect watchdogs, not service dogs.
  • Being Calm 
A good and ideal service dog is required to be calm and cool-headed in sudden moments of stress.

This is because most of the time, service dogs have to be in public assisting their owners.
So many distractions can appear all of a sudden, such as dogs running up or cars driving by, so a service dog needs to be collected.
  • Work Drive 
Service dogs need to possess a high work ethic. The type of work differs greatly, as this is determined by the type of service dog you are talking about.
Nevertheless, the work drive of a service dog needs to be high.
  • Bonding Ability

It is quite essential for a service dog to display a great deal of love and companionship to its owners, just like friendliness.
After all, the key thing for service dogs is to look after their owners.
And, you know, the Siberian Husky is known for being an independent dog breed, which might not be best suited for this.
Can a Husky Be a Good Watchdog Instead? 

You are now aware that Huskies do not make ideal service dogs. Well, will they be able to make a good watchdog instead?

Are Huskies Good Service Dogs

The short answer to the above question is yes, a Husky can be a good watchdog instead, and it has already been mentioned above in this guide.
Huskies can be good watchdogs for their pet owners. The work of watchdogs is to notify their owners if they happen to discover the presence of anyone in the vicinity.

Huskies are well-known to be extremely articulate, and when they howl, they do it very loudly.
This happens when they happen to feel something like a stranger in their surroundings.
This is a characteristic of an excellent watchdog, which makes Huskies well-suited to be good watchdogs.
Nevertheless, we can still agree that Huskies are not particularly good guard dogs.
This is because, at every chance of the sight of a stranger, they will howl and also approach as soon as possible.
Huskies also possess a loving and amiable trait, which also makes them awful guard dogs.
They will lick the faces of strangers and jump on them instead of attacking. In doing so, they gain more affection.
Due to their friendly nature, Huskies make friends with anyone in their environment.
So, simply put, Huskies will make good watchdogs, but when it comes to being guard dogs, they will do a terrible job.
Final Thoughts 

The truth is that Huskies only make excellent service dogs when it comes to being service sled dogs.

Are Huskies Good Service Dogs

However, it is not as common, but huskies can also be trained to be other types of service dogs.

Although there is some doubt that your husky will be able to meet your special needs. 
This will be the wrap-up of this guide, with the question "Are Huskies good service dogs?" answered along with some other important information.

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