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Mental Stimulation for Shiba Inu (Beginners Guide)

In this guide, you will find top tips about mental stimulation for Shiba Inu and also the reasons why keeping their mind busy is essential.

Mental Stimulations for Shiba Inu

Keeping your Shiba Inu mentally active is extremely important, as a well-stimulated Shiba Inu is a pet you would love to be around, given that a bored one can be quite a handful.

When it comes to Shiba Inu, mental stimulation is something you have to really consider, even though this might not be the case with other family pets.

For Shiba Inus, mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise.

Regular play and exercise will actually tire them out, which will in turn help calm them down; however, this won’t prevent destructive behaviors.

A lot of Shiba Inus get bored easily, so if left alone, they will definitely find their own form of entertainment.

Mental Stimulation Is Important for Shiba Inus

Shiba Inus are a smart breed that is filled with energy; however, this has a downside, given the fact that they get bored.

Mental Stimulations for Shiba Inu

Boredom is actually one of the most common problems Shiba Inu owners struggle with every day, and it will only slowly get worse if left alone.

A lot of Shibas love to chew, and when they don’t have anything appropriate to focus their time and energy on, such as a chew toy, they usually turn to destructive chewing.

Furthermore, bad chewing habits are not the only result of a bored Shiba; a lot of this breed that are struggling to find something to do are not meeting their necessary daily play and exercise time.

Shiba Inus come with tons of energy that needs to be burned to help keep them calm and happy.

Adult Shibas require at least one full hour of play and exercise each day, whereas Shiba Inu puppies need close to 30 minutes per day.

However, when it comes to mentally stimulating your Shiba Inu, a few rounds of tug-of-war or an extra walk or two are not your only options.

Mental Stimulation for Shiba Inu: 4 Ways to Challenge its Mind

As previously mentioned, the Shiba Inu is a smart breed. 

Mental Stimulations for Shiba Inu

Traditionally, they are bred to be hunting dogs; this actually makes them curious by nature.

The interpretation of this is that they are susceptible to boredom when they are not well stimulated.

Below are 4 mental stimulations for Shiba Inu if you don’t want a bored Shiba Inu:

  • Let Them Explore During Walks

A walk can be a mentally stimulating activity for Shiba Inu, even though it is considered a physical activity.

All you need to do is allow them to stop, sniff, and explore their surroundings. 

It is a good form of regular exercise and also an opportunity for exploration.

It’s normal for you to walk the same road on a daily basis, but for your pup, there’s always something new and exciting to look at and smell.

You can let your dog lead once in a while during walks for it to explore and enhance its senses.

In addition, it also allows your pooch to explore and tire itself out more than just walking straight.

  • Have Them Work For Their Food

I consider meal times to be the easiest. It is just normal to set down a bowl of food in front of your Shiba and allow it to chow down.

Even so, you can make it mentally stimulating and have your pup work for its food by changing its eating routine.

Make it a fun game by using food dispensing toys rather than just casually handing their food.

Your Shiba will definitely roll it for the food to come out if you place treats in the toy.

However, keep in mind that this might be noisy, but it is also satisfying for your pooch.

  • Make an Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is another great mental exercise for your Shiba.

Normally, it is a timed activity and is an excellent way to develop your pooch’s agility and problem-solving skills.

There are available obstacle courses and proper and professional tools, but you can always make your own course with alternative items at home such as hazard cones, toys, and blankets.

You can also make commands that work with whatever you have set up, like jump over the broomstick, go to your blanket, and so on. Just be creative with it.

You get to train your dog on how to overcome an obstacle through problem-solving using an obstacle course. 

It also helps teach your pup to do one thing after another.

  • Introduce New Tricks

You can always teach your Shiba new tricks. 

Your Shiba is ready for more if it has mastered basic obedience commands.

New tricks and commands are just the ideal mental stimulation for Shiba Inu.

It helps boost your Shiba’s confidence, strengthens the bond between you two, and also increases its focus and manners.

How Much Exercise Does a Shiba Inu Need?

As stated above, Shiba Inu needs at least one hour of exercise per day, or they will become frustrated.

Mental Stimulations for Shiba Inu

And, this can
 lead to destructive or even aggressive behavior.

They need a lot of mental stimulation and enrichment, thanks to their intelligence.

There are three main types of exercise and activity you are required to provide your Shiba Inu dog on a daily basis.

  1. Daily Walk
  2. Purposeful Activity
  3. Mental stimulation

However, keep in mind that these recommended exercise quantities and ideas are for a healthy adult Shiba.

The exercise needs of a puppy are different as they are still growing.

You can cause injury to a puppy's growing bones and joints by giving it the wrong quantity and type of exercise.

Dogs actually become less active and possess lower energy levels as they get older.

That being said, it is still important that they remain moderately active, as this will help keep their joints and muscles mobile and help them manage their weight.

The Verdict

Make sure that you keep your Shiba’s brain busy, given that its mind being active is the key here.

Mental Stimulations for Shiba Inu

Don’t leave your pooch alone too much, as this breed does not like being alone for a long time.

So, you can actually ask a friend to pop in and say hi if you are away.

Also, plan doggy get-togethers, as Shiba Inus like meeting new people and dogs; this helps 
keep this breed happy and fun-filled.

This completes this guide, as you now have everything you need for mental stimulation for Shiba Inus.

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