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Reasons Why Huskies Should Not Be Shaved (Never Shave A Husky)

This is something a lot of dog owners are curious about the reasons why Huskies should not be shaved.

Reasons Why Huskies Should Not Be Shaved

In this guide, you will get to know why it is very important for you to never shave a Husky. 
It will also include what will happen if you shave Huskies and some other important related tips and information.

The fact here is that you should never shave the coat of a Husky. 

Shaving the coat of Huskies should only be done if required for medical reasons.
The coat of a Husky plays a crucial role in keeping it safe and healthy. 

The truth is that shaving a Husky’s coat can lead to serious health issues.
Can You Shave a Husky?
The answer to the question "Can you shave a Husky?" is no. The answer to this question is plain and obvious.
So, you need to understand that you should never shave or even clip the coat of your Husky.

The double coat of your Husky has a vital role to play, and there are some other reasons for this. 

However, you might hear something different from some dog groomers or even some veterinarians, but the fact remains that Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes should never be shaved.
The only reason this rule can be broken, as mentioned above, is if there’s a serious medical reason to do so.
However, this does not mean that grooming is not essential. Grooming your Husky is necessary and even compulsory.
You must brush your Husky's fur on a regular basis. This is the only way you can actually avoid having its hair in your house, furniture, and clothes.
Doing this will help your pooch remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

So, I advise you to go get a brush for the double-coated fur of your Husky.
Reasons Why Huskies Should Not Be Shaved: Damages Caused by Shaving a Double Coat

Below are some reasons why Huskies should not be shaved. These are the damages caused by shaving a double coat.

Reasons Why Huskies Should Not Be Shaved

  • Permanent Damage to the Coat
The first item on my list here is the permanent damage that will be caused to the coat of your Husky if you decide to shave it.
The coat of a Siberian Husky will be permanently damaged by being shaved, and it will also impede the shedding process.
The husky's hair will just never grow back to normal. This is so because the double coat of a Husky is not meant to shed as thoroughly as its undercoat. 

This won’t allow for a proper blending process, thanks to the fact that the layers will grow back at a different rate.
This has been seen mostly in mature dogs; the regrowth of the hair will look patch-like, and this has the potential to lead to aching matting.
  • Incapable of Self-Cooling

Shaving the coats of Huskies will also lead to their inability to self-cool themselves.
Every dog breed and coat type does not sweat through their skin, which is unlike humans. 

So, they sweat through their paws, which helps cool them.
They show a panting of their breath and also have the ability to change the blood temperature in their ears.
So, the role of Huskies’ undercoats is to help keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Cancer and Other Skin Issues
And, lastly, for this guide, shaving the coat of Huskies can also lead to cancer and some other skin issues.
Huskies lack skin pigmentation. So, shaving the coat of Huskies will only expose their now unprotected skin to the sun’s burning UV rays.
And, in turn, the potential for skin cancer will also be greatly increased. 

A shaved Husky is very likely to suffer from irritating bites without a guard against insects. 

It will also be more exposed to allergens and disease-carrying parasites.
  • Maintaining the Coat of Your Husky Without Shaving
This dog breed requires proper grooming, and this goes for all dog breeds, particularly dog breeds that possess double coats.

So, for Huskies and even dogs generally, it is quite important that they have an ideal brushing routine and also make sure it is consistent.
The dead hairs in the coat of Huskies get rid of themselves through consistent grooming, which also helps allow for better air circulation throughout.
Consistent grooming also energizes the skin to allow for the distribution of essential oils throughout the coat, which in turn will help keep the coat of your Husky healthy, lustrous, and strong.
A little grooming of your Husky's coat on a regular basis is much easier and more efficient than doing it all at once over a long period of time.
Simply put, grooming your Husky for 10 to 15 minutes every day is much preferable and better than doing it for an hour per week.
This kind of brushing and grooming routine will definitely help maintain the health of your Husky’s coat and keep it perfect.
Will Huskies Hair Grow Back If Shaved?
As you now know, shaving the hair of Huskies is not advisable; you should totally avoid it.
Reasons Why Huskies Should Not Be Shaved

The coat of this dog breed contains two types of hair.

And they include long guard hairs and a shorter, softer undercoat. 

The dense undercoat helps shield your pooch in cold weather conditions and also helps keep it cool during warm weather conditions.
However, your Husky is protected from the elements by the outer layer of guard hairs, which also help push back water.
The two layers of hair on this dog breed will no longer be able to protect it efficiently when its coat has been shaved.
Additionally, shaving the coat of this dog breed also impedes the natural process of shedding, which has also been mentioned above.
All this can lead to health issues like hot spots and skin diseases. 

So, the point here is that shaving the coats of Huskies is dangerous to their health, so you should avoid doing it at all.
Does Husky Fur Grow Back?
If you shave a Husky's coat, the fur will grow back, but this only happens in young, healthy huskies.

As a result, this isn't always the case, especially with older Huskies or Huskies with certain health issues.
And, as explained above, you should also note that even if the coat of your Husky grows back after you shave it, there’s a great possibility that it will grow back matted, or probably with a tacky texture.
Final Thoughts

You should comment below if you have any grooming tips, as I will be very glad to hear them.

I’m sure your questions have been answered, and you also now have a few tips about properly maintaining and grooming your Husky’s coat.

This will be the conclusion of this guide, as you now have the reasons why Huskies should not be shaved. 

The bottom line of this, simply put, is to never shave a Husky.

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