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Do Huskies Get Attached to Their Owners?

For good reasons, the popularity of Huskies has been increasing, and some of these reasons include the fact that they are smart, gorgeous, and fun-loving.

Do Huskies Get Attached to Their Owners?

However, some believe that Huskies are not loyal to their owners and have a tendency to flee, but is this true?

And this brought us to the question, "Do Huskies get attached to their owners?" Can they get attached to their owners and remain loyal?

Well, I guess we will find that out here in this guide; this is practically why I’m here. So, let’s dive in to get some detailed answers.
Now to answer the above question, yes, Huskies do get attached to their owners. And about the saying that Huskies aren’t loyal dogs.

Well, Huskies are loyal dogs, in part thanks to the fact that they are pack animals. 

Nevertheless, Huskies are independent and strong-headed dogs.
But I should let you know that just because they can get attached to their owners doesn’t make them "one-person dogs."
Do Huskies Get Attached To One Person/Owner?
As said above, Huskies are not one-person dogs.

However, the amount of interaction they have with someone determines how much they become attached to one person over another.
Generally speaking, the person who has a higher chance of developing a closer bond with a Husky is the one who feeds it, walks it, trains it, and also plays with it.
However, if these above responsibilities are shared, then the determinant of who the Husky is more attached to is who the Husky sees as the final pack leader or someone in the most dominant position in the house.

Most of the time, Huskies consider the person who takes a more active role in raising them as their leader. 

Typically, you get more attention from your Husky if it sees you as its leader. 

And this is thanks to the powerful pack instincts that Huskies possess, where hierarchy is very important.
Are Huskies Loyal Dogs?
This has already been answered above. But now let me give you a more detailed answer.

Do Huskies Get Attached to Their Owners?

As previously stated, and in response to the question, "Are Huskies loyal dogs?"
The short answer to the question is yes. Huskies are loyal dogs. And they would love and care about you as their owners.

But know that they will only do and express this in their own fine, independent ways. 

They will display and express their loyalty and affection for you in other ways.
Due to huskies' extreme intelligence, they are extremely smart. This is especially true when compared to other dog breeds.
This also implies that their personalities will cast a more mature loyalty as opposed to the needy and unreserved expression of loyalty from other breeds such as Corgis and Labradors.
Huskies get along with everyone pretty well, and they are also very friendly and interact well with other dogs.
And, possibly, on some occasions, compared to you, they will make friends even better.

That being said, unless they feel threatened, they will feel comfortable with others.
If that is the case, when this dog breed feels any danger around them, they can also get protective and become aggressive or show signs of aggressive behaviors.
Using training, you can always train your Husky to be loyal to you. 

A few methods that you can use include positive reinforcement and obedience training.
Through this training, your Husky will understand that it needs to stay by your side, and will also give you the liberty to let it off the leash.
Contrarily, Huskies are infamous for escaping and running away. 

This is why, when owning one of these gorgeous dogs, secure fencing is a very crucial part.
Ways That Huskies Show They Love You

Having a better understanding of the signs of affection in a Husky is vital to communicating with it and knowing when it is happy.

Do Huskies Get Attached to Their Owners?

So, below are some ways Huskies might express their love for their owners:
  • Physical Contact with You
Huskies initiate physical contact to show their owners' affection. 

And they can do this by leaning against their owner, or probably just rubbing against their owner when they walk by. Sometimes, they can just sit on your lap.

  • Eye Contact with a Husky
Just know your pooch is happy when it appears to have soft and undemanding eyes.
Gentle eye contact is another way this dog breed displays its affection. 

You get to form a stronger bond with your pup through eye contact.
  • Happy Husky Signs
Seeing your pooch relaxed in its face and body means it is happy.

Their tail and ears will appear both neutral, and they can either be wagging their tails or not.
Typically, you will see the mouth of your Husky open with its tongue on display. It will have its soft eyes looking at you.
  • When You Come Home, Husky Gets Excited

The excitement of your Husky is one of the easiest ways to notice its love for you.
Your Husky will become fun-filled and active immediately after you walk through the door after being gone. 

Your furbaby might even start to run around in circles or just start to jump up and down.
How to Determine Whether Your Husky Is Attached to You

Your Husky is very likely to show some of the behaviors below, although in various ways when it gets attached to you.
  • Follow you around.
  • Pay attention to what you do, when you speak, and where you go.
  • Sleep next to you.
  • Making a lot of physical contact with you.
  • Choose to interact with you more compared to others in the house.
  • Bring you toys and start playing with you
  • Assume relaxed body language around you (sit on your lap or lay on your back).
If your Husky happens to show any of the above signs of affection, then you should know that your pup is attached to you. 

This shows a trusting relationship and a strong bond between you and your Husky.
Final Thoughts
Huskies are loyal and remain loyal to their owner, specifically the person they view as their pack leader, despite the fact that they are independent and social dogs.

Do Huskies Get Attached to Their Owners?

They will only get attached to the person who trains them, shows them loyalty and physical affection, and also takes care of them.

Huskies are devoted and get extremely attached to their owners, which answers the main question of this guide, "Do Huskies get attached to their owners?" and also concludes this guide.

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