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Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle? Breed Temperament

In this guide, the question "Do Shiba Inus like to cuddle?" will be answered, which means this guide is mainly about Shiba Inus and cuddles, or basically just the lack of them.

Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle

You are probably wondering why your Shiba is not being all that receptive to your cuddles, and I very much know that this can be heartbreaking.

So, do Shiba Inus like to cuddle? Well, the short and straight answer to this question is no; Shiba Inus does not like to cuddle.

Can You Cuddle With Shiba Inu?

You must first consider the Shiba Inu’s origins if you want to understand its affinity for cuddling.

As a fact, Shibas are one of the most ancient canine breeds. 

They show a trace of their wild ancestry in their temperament, thanks to this fact.

And, most times, this rush of "wild" presents itself as a no-cuddle zone.

So, this is to say that it is true that Shiba Inus are not so open to free cuddles.

Most times, this admired breed keeps a level of distance from unfamiliar faces.

Keep in mind that when it comes to winning a Shiba’s trust and approval, it requires time and patience.

Fortunately, in the end, the reward is definitely worth the effort.

This means you will gain access to a world of fluffy cuddles that most dog owners only dream about if you can win over your Shiba, which is something most owners eventually do.

Can You Make Your Shiba Inu More Cuddly?

Now that you know that Shibas are not big cuddlers, there are ways to increase the chances of your Shiba being a cuddler, although there are no guarantees.

Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle

In the end, you can’t force a dog to be more cuddly; that would most likely backfire.

However, you could slowly change an existing Shiba’s temperament if you encourage more affection along with treats and positive reinforcements.

You have more of a chance of nurturing them into cuddlers than trying to change an adult if you have gotten yourself a Shiba puppy.

1. Start Young

You should start cuddling now if your Shiba is still a pup. The more likely it is to be cool with it as it grows up, the more it gets used to it.

Keep in mind that it is much easier to teach a young dog new tricks. Although older dogs can learn too, it might take a longer time.

2. Make It A Calm Experience

Shibas prefer it tranquil and peaceful. So, ensure that it is in a calm place if you want them to cuddle.

No loud noises or too much going on, as this will help them feel safe and more willing to cuddle.

3. Treats

Well, Shibas love a good snack, just like other breeds. I suggest you give your Shiba a treat after a cuddle session.

However, that being said, you need to be careful when it comes to giving them treats; do not give them too much of it if you don’t want chubby Shibas.

4. Short and Sweet

Make sure that you don’t push it, so begin with short cuddle sessions.

Don’t you worry, as even just a few seconds can be a win. Your Shiba might slowly start to like it more and more.

5. Check Their Mood

You need to remember that Shibas also have their own feelings.

So, sometimes they are just not in the mood for it, and that is okay. I suggest you skip the cuddles for now if your pooch seems tired or cranky.

Make sure that you respect their space, and there’s a greater chance that it will come to you when it is ready.

How Do You Make Your Shiba Inu Happy?

From giving unconditional love to celebrating when we return home, dogs bring unlimited joy into our lives.

Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle

Below are some things that you can do to express your thanks to your Shiba and make them happier, and this is also likely to make them a bit more cuddly.

  • Playtime

If they are a canine social butterfly, playdates with other dogs in your area could be your pup’s ticket to happiness.

However, when it comes to some Shibas, they prefer humans as friends, and the hide-and-seek game or chase might be their favorite.

You can experiment with several different activities, as this will help you discover what games and toys your pup appreciates more than anything.

  • Training

You might think it’s time to stop training your Shiba after it has mastered the basics, but training is also an interesting way to entertain and stimulate your pet’s brain.

When you use positive reinforcement techniques, dogs are likely to enjoy learning new tricks.

In addition, it will help them become more confident since they now have a better understanding of your expectations.

  • Sufficient Exercise

Exercise is advantageous for both your pup’s mental and physical health.

They become bored and are likely to find other ways to have fun when they don’t exercise, and most times, they find them in inappropriate or dangerous ways.

Some of the best ways to help them burn off excess energy include swimming, playing fetch, walking, and so on.

Instead of becoming agitated and hyperactive, your Shiba can always relax afterward.

In addition, for mental stimulation, I suggest that you go for toys and games.

Observe their excitement with each activity, as this will help you find out what kind of exercise they enjoy the most.

  • Dog Massage

When it comes to Shiba Inu, every one of these dogs has a favorite place to be petted or scratched.

Pay more attention to where they like to be touched as you cuddle your four-legged friend.

You should consider learning how to massage dogs. Massage can help relieve anxiety and relax tired muscles.

That being said, if they receive this gentle care, there’s a greater chance that they will be more comfortable and happy.

The Verdict

You can enhance a more cuddly relationship with your Shiba with obedience training, early and comprehensive socialization, and daily physical and mental stimulation.

Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle

Also, take advantage of times when snuggling is more tolerated, such as exercise sessions, nap time, or after vigorous play.

And, lastly, make sure that you assign a cuddle cue like a cuddle time, a hug, and so on.

Additionally, Shibas can be sensitive dogs, so there are signs of things you should look out for that can potentially cause discomfort, such as objects, certain places, noises, and so on.

Just make sure that you prevent the triggers from being noticed during cuddle sessions when you discover any of them.

You can now enjoy cuddle sessions with your Shiba, as the detailed answer to the question "Do Shiba Inus like to cuddle?" has been given.

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