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10 Facts You Must Know Before Getting a Husky (Fun Facts)

Below are the 10 facts you must know before getting a Husky if you are considering getting one.

10 Facts You Must Know Before Getting a Husky

There are definitely some things you need to know about this dog breed before you make the decision to get one of them.

Huskies possess some peculiar quirks that make them distinguishable from most other breeds, regardless of the fact that they are one of the most popular dogs in the world.

Now, let’s get right into the 10 facts you must know before getting a Husky into your home.

10 Facts You Must Know Before Getting a Husky

1. Husky is a Sociable Creature

The AKC considered Siberian Huskies to be born pack dogs, which means that they were bred to perform as part of a pack; therefore, sociability is in their blood.

Above all, they are extremely affectionate and gentle dogs that give plenty of affection and love to receive it.

They also get along well with children; however, I strongly suggest that you supervise them at all times.

Plus, they are friendly toward strangers. I actually don’t recommend them as guard dogs for this reason, given that they are very likely to greet an intruder with a wagging tail instead of a ferocious bark.

Remember that Siberian Huskies are not to be left alone for a long period of time; it shouldn’t be more than 3 or 4 hours. They can also live with other dogs.

2. Huskies Require Plenty of Exercise

The Husky was developed, just like the Alaskan Husky and the Alaskan Malamute, to haul cargo, which means that they are used to doing strenuous activities and are, thus, extremely high-energy dogs.

10 Facts You Must Know Before Getting a Husky

They require at least an hour of strenuous exercise each day as adults.

Huskies are your best option if you are someone who is athletic and loves performing activities like jogging, running, or hiking.

3. Huskies Shed a Lot

Huskies shed yearly, with one or two distinct “blowouts” each year. These blowouts become an important event for most Husky owners in no time.

Shedding is a significant process that helps your Husky adjust accordingly to seasonal changes.

Sadly, there’s no way to escape shedding, which means it can’t be avoided.

However, there’s one thing you can do, which is to learn how to manage it and help your Husky have an efficient shed.

4. Huskies Can Be Very Stubborn

Well, yes, Huskies can be awfully stubborn. However, this is not the same with every Husky out there.

10 Facts You Must Know Before Getting a Husky

Even so, this dog breed is popular for its independence.

So, even though it can lead to some extremely funny moments, it normally leads to enraging ones.

The moment you bring your Husky home should be when you start its training.

And, also, make sure you set boundaries and teach your pooch basic commands straight away, as this will drastically reduce a lot of serious moments of disobedience.

5. Huskies Love To Be Vocal

This purebred just can’t get enough of its own voice. This is actually not an issue for some people.

But, for others, this is definitely an issue. Note that Husky might not be the right dog breed for you if you prefer serene and tranquil.

Regardless of all this, all Huskies are certainly different, which means some are louder than others.

But it is safer to assume that your pup will make its fair share of noise, as this will help avoid surprises.

Huskies can sing, chirp, howl, mimic, and almost talk. 

This is harmless fun most of the time, and they are just trying to communicate with you.

6. Huskies Is a Talented Escape Artist

Huskies can run fast, just like the Alaskan Husky, at up to 28 mph or 40 kph, and they have vast levels of endurance.

I strongly suggest that you keep your pup on a leash until you can trust its recall.

And, you can also keep it off-leash in an enclosed area; this is advised because you won’t be able to catch your pooch if it gets away from you.

The chance of your Siberian Husky running away from you on a walk or jumping over the garden fence will be extremely low if you exercise it enough and properly train it.

Keep in mind that you need to stimulate the need of your pooch for exercise, as otherwise, it might cause you to have a dog on the loose.

7. Other Pets

Huskies are amiable and, in general, get along well with other dogs, even though they might want to make sure that they are higher in the hierarchy of the pack.

10 Facts You Must Know Before Getting a Husky

They possess a strong prey drive, and this means that other small pets like mice, hamsters, birds, and particularly rabbits might not be a good combo.

It is expected of your Husky to become fixated even if other pets are secured in cages or tanks; it will rarely leave them alone.

Having a Husky with smaller pets is possible; however, make sure this is done at an extremely young age and with ongoing supervision.

8. Living Space

Huskies are independent and curious animals. They require an area where they can roam around and explore.

Siberian Husky is probably not for you if you live in an apartment or you plan to keep your new pet as a ‘house dog.’

They have strong back legs and can jump to incredible heights from a sitting position, so you need to ensure that their living space is surrounded by fences. I suggest 6 feet.

Additionally, this dog breed is an impressive escape artist, and it is likely to dig, so its enclosed space needs to be properly secured both below and above ground.

9. Exercise

Siberian Huskies were originally bred to be sled dogs, which means they have plenty of energy that is required to be burned each day.

They will need regular walks and exercise if they have a small area at home; if not, boredom and destructive behaviors might come about.

These dogs can make perfect jogging partners and will most likely have enough energy to continue long after you’ve rested or even collapsed into a sweaty heap.

Their need for exercise moderately reduces in warmer temperatures, and it is highly recommended that any form of strenuous exercise be avoided.

10. Clean and Odorless

Naturally, Huskies are extremely clean, which is a big advantage for people who want a dog breed that does not stink like a dog.

When it comes to caring for their coats, these pups can be quite diligent, as they often lick themselves like cats.

The Verdict

In my opinion, inasmuch as you provide your Husky with sufficient time and dedication, these pups are fin-filled, gentle, and amazingly perfect dogs.

10 Facts You Must Know Before Getting a Husky

If you know you can give your Husky the love, companionship, time, and dedication it requires, then go for it.

Keep in mind that this guide on “10 facts you must know before getting a husky” is for you to understand what you are getting into and not to scare you off from getting a Husky.

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