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10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds (ESA Dog Breeds)

Emotional support dogs can be a huge blessing for those who suffer from mental or emotional disorders and even some physical conditions.

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

These ESA dog breeds can also be an amazing addition to the life of someone who has a difficult time coping with the daily stresses of living.

Several dog breeds can provide emotional support and comfort. However, some dogs are better options for this task compared to others, thanks to their temperament.

Well, that being said, let’s have a look at the 10 best emotional support dog breeds.

Below is a mention of some of the best ESA dog breeds:

Characteristics of an Emotional Support Dog Breed

Even though all dogs have characteristic advantages and disadvantages, some of which are best-suited for being an ESA pooch and some are not.

Below are some of the personality traits to look for when you are considering the best breed to be an ESA:

  • Loyal
  • Loving
  • Bold
  • Composed
  • Patient
  • Sociable

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds (ESA Dog Breeds)

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

1. American Staffordshire Terrier

Due to bad owners and bad PR, Pit bull-type dogs have been spoken ill for years.

However, the truth is that these dogs are amiable, loyal canines, and they are amazingly well-suited to be chosen as emotional support dogs.

Breeds such as the American Staffordshire Terrier can normally get along with most people, and in several situations, all that is needed is proper training and socialization.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers have long been considered one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

And this includes them being both emotional support animals and general family companions.

These dogs are a good choice for those with health issues, thanks to their patient appearance and undisguised friendliness.

And, as a great addition, this dog breed is also quite easy to train.

3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are very likely to appear on any list of the best emotional support, service, or therapy dogs.

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Labs are calm and congenial, with a powerful desire to please. So, they are a good fit for those who need a pet outside of their homes, all thanks to the fact that Labs are very likely to be comfortable exploring the world.

4. Corgi

Corgis are popular for being a reserved, obedient, and devoted breed. They are also quite known for their cute, fluffy butts.

However, you might find that this dog breed is short in stature, but you should make no mistake in terms of their personalities, as they are certainly not short in that.

When it comes to an ESA, Corgis will definitely be a great option, thanks to their composed nature and devotion to their owner.

5. Poodle

Poodles are an amazingly smart breed that bonds closely with their owners. 

They are highly trainable due to their high level of intelligence, which is a vital trait in an ESA.

The likelihood of you having issues when flying with your pet is very low when your pet is extremely easy to train.

Compared to a disobedient or stubborn dog breed, having a well-trained dog is very likely to result in a far less stressful experience.

6. Pug

I’m quite sure you’d always smile when you took a look at a Pug’s cute yet funny mug.

Pugs get along well with kids and are also excellent when it comes to sharing the emotions of their owners.

These qualities make them great at being emotional support animals, given the fact that they have the ability to sense your mood and lift it with their bold behavior and adorable mannerisms.

However, do keep in mind if you are considering the Pug as an ESA that some airlines don’t permit these dogs to fly because of their classification as a short-nosed breed.

This dog breed can suffer breathing problems, so I will strongly suggest that you choose another breed if you plan so many trips.

7. Great Danes

The Great Dane is just the perfect big dog. This dog breed is regarded as a giant breed and can stand up to 3 feet high at its shoulder.

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Just because they are massive does not mean that they can’t make excellent emotional support animals.

These dogs are excellent at reducing anxiety, particularly with their composed, audacious behavior.

They adapt well to different kinds of families and will protect them all. To remain healthy, they require a lot of exercise.

However, keep in mind that they are among the laziest dog breeds.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I’m sure you’d agree that a dog bred and birthed to become a lap dog would make a great emotional support dog.

This sophisticated animal does not come across as arrogant, which is unlike most lapdogs since the beginning of time.

Rather, these dogs are affectionate and loyal, always wanting to be near you.

They are very low-maintenance, and this is something positive for someone who struggles with difficult emotions.

These dogs are a good fit for first-time or beginner owners. However, they suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long period of time.

Being close to these dogs helps both you and the dog.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies have been of help to people emotionally and mentally through the ages, including enhancing soldiers' abilities when fighting in the trenches during the First World War.

These pooches might appear teeny tiny but account for it in affection.

A Yorkshire Terrier can adapt well even in small living spaces, so you shouldn’t worry if you live in a small house.

You can also easily carry them with you, which is an extra for emotionally disabled people.

A Yorkie wants and loves nothing more than to rest on its owner’s lap, so this is definitely one of the 10 best emotional support dog breeds.

10. Brussels Griffon

This is a dog breed that comes with a monkey face and will always put a smile on your face when you take a look at it.

The Brussels Griffon dog is vigilant, curious, playful, loving, and extraordinarily sensitive to human feelings.

This dog is cheerfully easygoing, and although this breed does not understand what personal space means, it will sit and rest on your lap whenever it feels like it should.

Final Thoughts

I strongly suggest that you look for an emotional support dog to help when you are struggling emotionally and humans stay away from interacting with you.

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

An ESA dog is your best bet when you are feeling lonely and unacceptable.

It’s best when your pooch treats you with patience, rushes you with sloppy kisses to lighten you up, and listens to you without judging.

However, you should still seek help from therapists and psychologists to help you where your dog can’t.

That being said, this concludes this guide, as you now have the 10 best emotional support dog breeds.

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