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How to Stop Husky from Chewing Everything: Simple Steps

Both puppy and adult Huskies tend to chew things; they love it. So, in this guide, you will learn how to stop Husky from chewing everything.

This is normal behavior, and you should allow your Husky to do this, but these should be the only things you allow it to chew.

How to Stop Husky from Chewing Everything

And, to answer the question, "How to stop Husky from chewing everything?" 

Replacing what your Husky is not permitted to chew with something that you permit it to chew is the best way to stop this behavior in your Husky.
Simply put, stopping it from chewing is not the best way to deal with this behavior. 

So, below are some simple steps on how to make this happen.
How to Train a Husky to Not Chew

As said, stopping your Husky from chewing is not the best way to deal with this behavior.

All you have to do is teach your dog what to chew and what not to chew.
Getting Started
Good treats and an alternative toy for your pooch to chew on will be required for you to be able to train your Husky on how to stop chewing everything, especially your favorite things.
I would suggest you go for Kongs and sturdy chew toys and avoid off-limits objects like stuffed animals.
You should avoid reproaching your pooch for the behavior you do not like as you work on it.

On the contrary, I would suggest you provide it with consistent reinforcement for the behavior you like.
You can get a crate for your pooch to have to safeguard your stuff while you are not at home. This is if the chewing is extremely bad. 
The Distract and Replace Method

Make Sure Your Husky Has a Lot of Chewing Toys
How to Stop Husky from Chewing Everything

  • First, you have to make sure that you get a lot of objects that you can allow your pooch to chew on and fill your house with them. 
  • This is to provide your Husky with so many alternatives aside from your personal things.

Keep an Eye on Your Dog

  • You are to watch your Husky closely and hard and observe anything it gets into its mouth in the beginning.
  • However, you need to have an alternative to serve as a distraction in cases where your pooch starts to choose things that are off-limits.

Cause a Distraction
  • You are to pick out an alternative that will serve the purpose of a distraction. Something like a loud clap or dropping a loud object.
  • Although you have to ensure that your Husky does not know or see you as the cause of the noise, if not, your pooch will identify you with a negative reaction.

Provide a Good Alternative

  • You are to provide your Husky with a proper alternative when it drops off-limits objects. Rawhide or another chew toy are likely substitutes.

Reward Your Husky for Good Choices

  • You are to compliment your husky for making a good choice whenever it picks up the appropriate toy.
  • You have to make sure that these compliments are consistent whenever it make good choices, and you also have to ensure that your pooch drops anything that is off-limits.
  • You also have to be ready to offer your pooch an alternative, as this will help it learn that there are things it can chew on and things that are off-limits.
The Crate Training Method

Chewing Is Its Own Reward

How to Stop Husky from Chewing Everything

  • Chewing is a distraction and a fun activity for dogs, which is the same for your husky.
  • It is just like watching TV or reading a book is for humans.
  • You should know that for dogs that chew a lot, it will be quite difficult to make them stop. Thanks to the fact that the action strengthens itself.
Pick Out a Comfortable Crate
  • You can minimize the chewing behavior of your Husky by limiting its chewing. Select a crate that is big enough for your pooch.
  • This should be a crate where your pooch will have free movement, but also make sure that it is not oversized.
  • Ensure that your pooch feels comfortable in the crate. Place comfortable bedding on the floor, as this will help your Husky enjoy its time in the crate more.

Get Your Husky Used to the Crate
  • You should know that your Husky might see a crate as a form of punishment at the beginning, which is the same with many dogs.
  • However, you should help your pooch associate positive experiences with the crate. Make sure you are close by while you put it in its crate.
  • Allow it to be in the crate for an hour or more. And, also, make sure you give it meals and treats while it’s inside the crate.
Reward Your Husky When It Chooses to Go into the Crate
  • A similar treatment has also been mentioned above. If your Husky goes into the crate of its own free will, I would strongly suggest you compensate it with a treat or probably by providing it with a proper toy to chew on.
Work with Your Husky on Choosing the Right Toy
  • You have to be consistent with the act of replacing the off-limits chewing objects with the proper ones when you finally decide to let your Husky out of its crate.
  • You can really help your Husky stop its chewing habit with the crate training method mixed with positive reinforcements.
Why Is My Husky Suddenly Destroying Things?

There are questions you might want to ask, especially when you see your Husky suddenly destroying things.

If your Husky was calm previously and started to destroy things suddenly, then you should know that there could be emotional issues that might have caused the behavior.

How to Stop Husky from Chewing Everything

This could be because your Husky is ill or probably because it is injured, which might have caused the destructive behavior.

However, I would suggest that you get help from a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist or probably a board-certified veterinary behaviorist in your locale if you wish to get your Husky to stop this behavior.


Although it has been mentioned above, I would strongly suggest that you give your Husky a chew toy to chew on, as this is the best way to stop it from picking random items around the house.

For your pooch to chew, you can also provide it with lamb or beef bones.
How to Stop Husky from Chewing Everything

However, if your Husky is chewing on these bones, I strongly advise you to keep an eye on them to avoid choking.

I would also strongly advise you to avoid rawhide, which has been linked to choking and intestinal blockages in dogs.

So, with all that being said, this will be the wrap-up of this guide on "How to Stop Husky from Chewing Everything."

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