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7 Reasons Why Your Husky Is Stubborn: How to Deal with It

There are definitely some reasons why you got a dog as a pet and a Husky in this case, but what do you do when your Husky is stubborn?
Reasons Why Your Husky Is Stubborn

So, this is why this guide is here to give you the 7 reasons why your Husky is stubborn, but not only that, you will also find out how to deal with it.
There are so many reasons why your pooch is stubborn, but I will be giving you exactly 7 reasons why your pooch is stubborn.
7 Reasons Why Your Husky Is Stubborn
Now, let’s get to why your Husky acts the way it does. Below are the 7 reasons why your Husky is stubborn. Let’s dive in.

1. Congenital Traits
This has to do with how your Husky was bred and its congenital traits. 

In the past, the Husky dog breed was bred this way due to the severe living conditions for this dog breed and its owners.
They were bred to be independent and very intelligent. 

They were bred in such a way that they were smart enough to disregard some primary commands and, by choice, use their judgment, as this was what was needed back then.
How to Deal With It

You shouldn’t look at this trait as something bad because it sometimes comes in handy and, perhaps, sometimes, life-saving when your pooch thinks for itself and disregards what it’s being told to do or not to do.
There are so many ways to deal with your Husky when it behaves like this, but I strongly advise you not to deal with it in anger.
This is because this is how it was bred. It has the trait, so all you will need to do is consistently train it and calmly reinforce it.
And, make sure your pooch is constantly mentally stimulated, and this might be done with some toys, games, and intellectual puzzles, which will all keep it busy and stimulated mentally.
2. Exercise

This dog breed requires lots of exercise. Huskies require about two hours of walking or running a day.

Reasons Why Your Husky Is Stubborn

This is also down to the fact that their ancestors were known to use up their energy in so many physical activities, so if your pooch is not getting enough physical activity, it might lead to some destructive behavior and a stubborn attitude.
How to Deal With It

Ensure that your pooch gets a lot of physical activity, which might include jogging or hiking, if you do them, and gets all of its energy used up.
3. Personality

In comparison to other breeds of dogs, the social skills of a Husky are more similar to those of a wolf, which means the Husky dog breed possesses a pack instinct and is also strong.
Leaving your pooch alone for a long period of time can affect its level of obedience negatively since this dog breed needs intimacy and an unyielding social hierarchy.

This is when the mind of your Husky is disturbed, which in turn starts to destroy its view of you as a pack leader when it is affected by too much boredom, loneliness, or isolation.
How to Deal With It

To deal with this and also make your pooch listen and obey your instructions all that is needed is for you to always reinforce the fact that you are the leader of the pack.
This makes your pooch listen, follow, and obey your instructions, and it is also able to trust you to provide it with good security as a pack leader.
You should make sure your pooch is not deprived of food, attention, love, safety, play, and all of its other essential needs and wants.
You need to remember that you always have to maintain your firm authority, as this dog breed will always test you.

4. Training

There can be some problems when you are not consistent with your Husky's training or when you suddenly stop its training.

Reasons Why Your Husky Is Stubborn

How to Deal With It
So, all you have to do now is start the training of your husky if you’ve never started it or continue its training if you suddenly stopped training.
And you should remember that it is essential that you are consistent with its training and also start with simple instructions before moving up to complex ones.
You should also make sure you remove every distraction in your training environment and inform your family during the time before the training, as this is to help it focus.
Also, keep in mind that Huskies get distracted easily, and patience is required if you want to successfully train this dog breed.
5. Sickness

Your Husky being sick might be one of the reasons why it seems to be stubborn and disregards some of your instructions and commands.
And, as mentioned above, it has a mind of its own, so it might not be comfortable physically with your instructions, which might make it ignore your commands or instructions.
There will also be some common health issues that most Huskies are likely to suffer from:
  • Retinal Atrophy
  • Cataract
  • Corneal Dystrophy
  • Hypothyroidism
How to Deal With It

So, don’t ignore the fact that your pooch might just be unwell and very tired from following or obeying your instructions and commands.
This is to say that you should carefully monitor your Husky’s health and visit your vet immediately if you discover any symptoms of sickness.
6. Food

Food is also one of the reasons why your Husky is stubborn, as the actions and health of your pooch are also determined by the quality of its food.

Reasons Why Your Husky Is Stubborn

How to Deal With It

Simply put, it is quite important that your pooch is given a nutritious, balanced diet.
Some good choices in the diet include raw diets, organic pet food, and all-natural foods.
I strongly recommend that you stay away from canned foods and low-priced kibble, as this can lead to mood swings and behavioral issues in your pooch.
You should also monitor your dog, as it might react to something it might have eaten somewhere that it does not like or that is not good or palatable for its body.
After this, you should visit your vet if you notice any changes in your pooch’s behaviors or if some changes occur in its behaviors after you change your diet.
You should also seek the advice of your veterinarian about the dietary needs and other nutritional value of your Husky.
7. Lack of Mental Stimulation

And lastly, of the seven reasons why your Husky is stubborn, one is a lack of mental stimulation. 

Mental stimulation can also be referred to as “mental exercise”.
There’s physical and mental exercise, and most dog owners focus only on mental stimulation, which in turn has adverse effects.
How to Deal With It

You just need to know that the mental exercise of your pooch is as important as its physical exercise.
So, it would be right to say that the mental stimulation of your Husky is more important compared to its physical exercise.
You can use puzzle toys to train your pooch and socialize it with other dogs. 

And interaction with your Husky also helps stimulate it mentally.
Final Thoughts
You can also deal with your Husky's stubborn attitude by avoiding scenarios that might trigger its stubborn behavior.

Reasons Why Your Husky Is Stubborn

And, be sure to always reward your pooch for its positive or good attitude and also apply confidence, persistence, and patience when dealing with your Husky, as this is the only and best way to get your dream dog.

So, you now have the 7 reasons why your Husky is stubborn and how to deal with it in detail in this guide, which will also bring about its conclusion.

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