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Can Huskies Live in Apartments? (What I Found Out)

The short answer to this question, "Can Huskies live in apartments?" is yes. Huskies can actually live in apartments.

Can Huskies Live in Apartments

All they require is adequate exercise and enough time spent outdoors each day.
I’m sure you are wondering whether they can adapt to living inside an apartment due to their extreme activeness.
Well, the question has been answered. Truth be told, I get this question so many times. 

So, I will give you everything I found out in this guide.
Huskies in Apartments: How to Make It Work

I’m sure your question will be whether these big, powerful, courageous, and lovely dogs are perfect for someone living in the middle of a city in an apartment or not.

Can Huskies Live in Apartments

As most dog lovers know, I can assure you that Huskies are great dogs, but they do require quite a lot of work.
Huskies require special attention and time from their owners. 

You need to help them in every daily activity, including feeding, bathing, and helping them exhaust their energy.
If you are the type who works all day and also lives in an apartment, owning a Husky can be quite difficult. But that does not mean it can’t be done.
As mentioned above, exercise is very important for this dog breed, thanks to the fact that it has an extremely active origin.
To be and remain happy and healthy, this dog breed requires both physical and mental exercise.
You will need a schedule for when to exercise your pooch if you intend to make it work in an apartment.
You also need to understand that exercising this dog breed has to be done every day, not just a few days per week.
I will consider your pooch running between five and ten miles per day to be a reasonable amount of exercise. This is for an adult Husky.
You can also use this opportunity to exercise your body. 

You don’t only need to exercise your dog; you also need to get it outside.
Keeping your pooch active will help keep it happy and healthy. 

It will be hard for a Husky to be confined inside all day, particularly in an apartment.
This is because living in an apartment means not having much room to run around inside and no large backyard.
You can also take your Husky on hikes or to a park and let it run around for a little while.
Make sure this running gets its heart rate up, which can be estimated to meet the adequate amount of five to ten miles.
In addition, you can decide to run with your pooch. 

Huskies are the best choice of pet to exercise with, thanks to the fact that they also need it.
You can just as well turn your dog into your gym buddy. 

Doing all these activities together will certainly help build trust with your dog.

Huskies love quality time and attention, which exercising together will give them. 

Huskies are used to being outside and around so many people and dogs. This is so because, naturally, they are pack animals.

So, you need to balance this if you are living in an apartment and you own a Husky, because if these are not fulfilled, your pooch can become extremely lonely, which will have negative consequences.
Can I Leave My Husky Home While At Work?

This question has certainly crossed your mind because you will need to leave your Husky in the apartment sometimes while you head for work.

Can Huskies Live in Apartments

And, not just while you go to work, it can also be when you go to get some things outside, in shops along the street, or probably when you go out with your friends.
I do hope you’ve been training your Husky quite well and properly, especially to keep it out of trouble.
Well, if you’ve not been doing that, below are a few tips on how to train your pooch; they will basically give you an idea of where to start.
Training your Husky means not destroying your house. I will suggest crate training, as it will play a crucial role in this.
I also consider this to be the only effective way of holding your dog back. 

Below is a list of things you need to think about when you leave your dog alone at home.

  • Is there sufficient ventilation?
  • Is there any possibility of your pooch howling? And will it affect your neighbors?
  • Does it need food?
  • What if your pooch needs to go to the bathroom?
  • Does it have clean water?
  • Does your Husky have any toys to play with? I recommend a Kong toy, as it is common and effective.
  • Is it not too warm or too cold?
I suggest that you consider having some short trials to see how your Husky will behave when you leave it alone at home.
You can try something as simple as sneaking out of your house and sitting in the hallway for about 30 minutes, then observing what happens.
You can also go out for a longer period of time; you can either go to see and check on your neighbor or friend.
So, if you plan on leaving your Husky in your apartment alone and heading out for work, well, that can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

It just needs to be well-trained and properly exercised. 

You can go for a long walk or jog in the morning with your pooch before you head out for work.
You can also go for another when you get home. All your dog needs is to be constantly stimulated, both physically and mentally.
Are Huskies Good Apartment Dogs?
Normally, Huskies are not the perfect dogs to live in apartments, thanks to their high energy level and the fact that they require plenty of physical activity.

Can Huskies Live in Apartments

But the truth is that Huskies can also adapt extremely well to living in apartments if their exercise needs are met and they are properly trained.
Living with a Husky in an apartment will require a great deal of effort, consistency, and dedication, as it will be quite a challenge.

Final Thoughts
I’ve answered the main question of this guide and also established the fact that Huskies can live in apartments.

Can Huskies Live in Apartments

You can also leave your Husky home alone and head out for work. All you need to do is meet its exercise needs and train it properly.

The exercise for this dog breed has to be every day, and I will advise against leaving your Husky for more than 4 to 5 hours at a time in an apartment.
And, with all that being said, this will conclude the guide on the question "Can Huskies live in apartments?" as you now have what I found out.

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