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Are Huskies Good with Small Dogs? Owner’s Guide

The short answer to the above question, “Are huskies good with small dogs?” is yes. Huskies are good with small dogs.

Are Huskies Good with Small Dogs

But I will say that the correct answer is that Huskies can be good with small dogs.
This is so because you have to introduce them first, then monitor their interaction carefully. 

As you might know, this dog breed possesses a high energy level.
With that being so, they can be very cheerful, which in turn can cause them to play rough, which might be too much for a small dog to handle.
The importance of teaching your Husky how to be gentle and to identify the body language of small dogs is great.
This will help make sure that the small dogs are safe and comfortable. 

So, with the question answered, you also need to know that each circumstance differs.
Basically, everything is determined by how well-socialized the dog is. Their size is not the major determinant of this.
A Few Personality Traits and Criteria to Consider

  • Food Aggression

Food aggression is certainly where Huskies get aggressive when someone or a canine gets near their food while they eat.
So, I will say that Huskies with less food aggression have a greater tendency to get along well with smaller dogs.
Huskies can attack out of defense, which might lead to harming the other dog if it gets near its food.
I recommend you feed your Husky and any small dog you have separately, and this goes the same even if your Husky does not show food aggression.
  • Personality

You should also understand that personality makes a difference. 

The chance of your Husky getting along well with small dogs is quite high if it is more obedient and friendly.
If your Husky is extremely affectionate, it might even get along well with other small canines, such as cats.
However, on the other hand, there are Huskies that are just not suited for getting along well with other dogs.
They hate sharing their space. Some of them might not even get along well with other Huskies.
With that being said, you can never be certain about whether your Husky will love sharing its space with small dogs or the other way around.
So, I will suggest you keep them apart as much as you can if you think your Husky is more prone to aggression.
This is so because the safety of both dogs is very important. You should still monitor your Husky around small dogs, even if it is friendly and gets along well with other dogs and animals.

  • Obedience Training
In general, Huskies that are properly obedience trained have a better tendency to live well with small dogs.

This is not to say that the strong prey drive of your Husky will not sometimes kick in, because, well, it will.
However, if your dog has been thoroughly obedience trained, you will have more and better control over it.
You will also be able to prevent this in the first place. Your Husky has so much trust in you and respects your commands when it is properly trained.
Early and proper socialization of Huskies is equally as important as obedience training.
This also gives Huskies a better chance of getting along well with small dogs.
Furthermore, you need to know that this is not saying never to their prey drive kicking in.
  • Age of the Husky

You shouldn’t be surprised that this is on the list. In comparison to adult Huskies, Husky puppies have a better tendency to get along well with small dogs.
So, it is better to introduce small dogs to your pooch in its puppyhood, as it has yet to develop its instincts or personality.
Husky puppies have a better tendency to see small dogs as members of the household pack instead of potential prey.
And, as I have stated above, this is not an assurance. This is so because some Huskies are just not suited to live with small dogs, no matter the training, age, or how hard you try to make it right.
Do Siberian Huskies Attack Small Dogs?

With the question “Are huskies good with small dogs?” being answered, let’s ask the next question in line, “Do Siberian Huskies attack small dogs?”

Are Huskies Good with Small Dogs

As a known fact, Siberian Huskies are very likely to be extremely docile, friendly, affectionate, and loving.
However, they can be a little aggressive at times. In any case, that behavior can be changed.
And you need to know that there are some reasons why Huskies sometimes become quite aggressive.
I will say that Siberian Huskies can attack small dogs, which means the answer to the above question is yes.
One of the primary reasons for this is their strong prey drive. However, it can also be because they are poorly socialized, especially with other dogs.
There are a few things you will need to consider before you go ahead with changing the aggressive behavior of your pooch, thanks to the fact that huskies can be dominant.
So, to change the aggressive behavior of your Husky, training will do. And, also, proper and early socialization will help.
What Is the Best Way to Introduce a Husky to a Small Dog?

Introducing a husky to a small dog can be a difficult task. Although thorough preparation and execution will do the job.

Are Huskies Good with Small Dogs

The introduction process can go smoothly, easily, and safely for both canines. The following are three steps to help you do a good job:
  • In the first step, you need to begin the introduction process slowly, and you can do this by getting them used to each other’s scent. The nose of dogs is used greatly for communication. So, this is an important step. Allow them to sniff each other from a distance. Also, provide them with a lot of positive reinforcement as they get used to each other’s scent.
  • Then, with time, you will increase the interaction between the two dogs. Start having them interact closely with each other immediately after they are comfortable with each other’s scent. Make sure they start interacting freely with each other. You should also know that positive reinforcement in great quantity is also important during this process.
  • Lastly, you need to make sure that you monitor their interactions closely at first and even always.

Final Thoughts

Due to a husky's prey drive, I won’t advise you to allow your husky to live with small dogs. Your Husky might see the small dog as prey at any given time.

Are Huskies Good with Small Dogs

Then, chase it and, in the process, harm it. However, there have also been stories of Huskies living successfully together.

However, to be among the success stories, there are some factors you need to consider and some steps you need to follow, which have all been discussed above.

Now, with all that being said, this will be the conclusion of this guide on the question "Are Huskies good with small dogs?" which has been answered with details.

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