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Are Huskies Good for First-Time Owners? Things You Need to Consider

One of the most common questions I’ve received from delighted future Husky owners is, "Are huskies good for first-time owners?"

It is quite a wise decision to want to know whether this dog breed is good for first-time dog owners or not.

Are Huskies good for first-time owners?

As most people are aware, especially Husky owners, Huskies can be a bit difficult, so in this guide, you will be provided with details of things you need to know about this dog breed if you want to be a future Husky owner.

And the question "Are Huskies good for first-time owners?" will also be answered, and details will be given.

Can First-Time Dog Owners Raise a Husky?
In my opinion, the answer is yes; a Husky can be raised by first-time dog owners. 

But the truth is that Huskies are actually not normally recommended for first-time dog owners.
However, if you dedicate your time to learning and being with your pooch, I’m sure you will successfully raise a happy, obedient Husky.
You should know that this comes with a sacrifice. A lot of Husky owners will beg to differ, but this is based on their own experiences.
Several first-time dog owners have successfully raised a Husky, but some haven’t.
What Can I Expect from Having a Husky?
You will agree that Huskies are a gorgeous breed that possesses captivating eyes and cuddly fur. They are extremely adorable and warm-hearted.

They love communicating and connecting with humans, and they are also very eager to please their owners.

Are Huskies good for first-time owners?

You should get a Husky if you are the type that loves cuddles and licks—a lot of them. This dog breed will make you feel loved.
Your pooch will sit, snuggle, and play with you. They are also an excellent choice of pet for a companion, as they will never leave you alone.

This dog breed is known for being very persistent; it will follow you everywhere.

Huskies might not be quite friendly with small pets, but they are friendly with other pet dogs, especially the ones they grow up with.
This dog breed possesses a strong prey drive. They love chasing pets such as mice, birds, rabbits, and hamsters.
You should skip the idea of adopting this dog breed if you have pets like the ones mentioned above.
Your pooch will require a lot of supervision. For the well-being of your pooch, it will require cooler weather conditions, thanks to the fact that it came from cold northern areas.
If you happen to live in a warm environment, you should get suitable air conditioning and keep your pooch hydrated at all times.

Due to the Huskies’ independent nature and intrinsic love of running, they are excellent escape artists.

If your husky isn't getting enough attention from you, he or she may flee and never return.
And this does not mean Huskies are not loyal; they are, and they just love new experiences, places, love, and attention.
You have to make sure that your house is escape-proof if you don’t want your pooch to escape, as they also love digging holes and tunnels under fences.
It is quite expensive to take care of a Husky, so before you go ahead with adopting or purchasing one, you should have an idea of the estimated monthly expenses for this dog breed.
Compared to other dog breeds, Huskies require extra professional help and a more distinctive diet.
Huskies are not an excellent option if what you are looking for is a guard dog, thanks to their friendly nature. They only make howling sounds like wolves instead of barking.

Are you considering getting a dog as a first-time owner? Well, if you've got your eye on a husky, this video is for you:

Why Are Huskies Not the Right Fit for First-Time Dog Owners?
Some factors make Huskies inappropriate for first-time dog owners, and they will be listed and explained below:

Are Huskies good for first-time owners?

  • High Training Necessity

It is not recommended to get a Siberian Husky as a pet if you have no dog training experience.
This is so because Huskies need high-intensity training thanks to their energetic nature.
  • Authoritative Nature
This dog breed, particularly male Huskies, is regarded as extremely demanding.
And, in order to avoid being suppressed by their nature, boundaries must be established from the start.
  • Dietary Needs

You should make sure your pooch gets the right amount of high-quality food, although this breed of dog does not eat too much. This can actually add significantly to the expenses of this dog breed.
  • Activity Time

Huskies need to stay extremely active for 3 to 4 hours at a minimum. This might be too much for first-time dog owners, especially if they have a busy schedule.
  • Quality Time

Huskies love to spend quality time with their owners. Not spending enough quality time with their owner can cause anxiety, thanks to the fact that they are extremely emotional dogs.
  • Escape Artist
This has been discussed above. This dog breed loves and craves attention every time. 

There are a good number of cases where Huskies escaped through fences or probably broke their chains.
  • Shedders
These canines happen to shed all through the year. They have a fluffy coat that keeps them warm all winter and allows them to constantly renew themselves.
The coat of this dog breed needs to be brushed regularly. You can do this every day or decide to do it just a bunch of times per week.
If you are to adopt this dog breed, be prepared to have your house covered with shed hair during the summer.
Final Thoughts

Everyone indeed has an opinion, and they have the right to express it. 

So, you should know that, based on some people, first-time dog owners do not own a Husky, while it is the absolute opposite of others.

Are Huskies good for first-time owners?

And the truth is that they all have good reasons for that. It is also a fact that Huskies can be quite a handful; this is an accepted fact.
Compared to other dog breeds, they will really challenge you in ways other breeds will not.
However, if a first-time dog owner is completely dedicated and prepared, he or she will be able to manage those challenges.
So, this guide is for you, as a first-time dog owner, to know what you are getting yourself into and be prepared for it if you still want a Husky.
And, with all that being said, this will be the conclusion of this guide on "Are huskies good for first-time owners?"

Make sure you send me a message about the outcome. I'm confident that this guide will be of great assistance, and please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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