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Can Huskies See In The Dark? Husky Vision

Well, as you might know, this is something a lot of Husky owners wonder about.

If you have seen one, you will know that Huskies have gorgeous eyes, so people often assume that they must see quite well. But is that the truth? Can Huskies see in the dark?

Can Huskies See In The Dark

So, you are here asking when Huskies can see when it is dark or not?

To answer that, Huskies cannot actually see in complete darkness, and dog “night vision” is not a thing.

With that being said, Huskies can still see much better compared to humans in low-light situations. However, it is not as good as cats.

Do Huskies Have Good Vision?

Huskies possess great vision. Even though they are prone to some eye defects, they possess several abilities that surpass not only other dogs but humans too.

Healthy Huskies possess superior vision in a few different categories compared to humans and other breeds.

Below are the different categories:

  • Peripheral vision
  • Night vision
  • Motion vision

Can Huskies See In The Dark?

Huskies would often pull a sled through dark, arctic conditions in traditional settings.

So, this raises the question: can Huskies see in the dark? Given that they can perform for their owners in the Alaskan winters.

Can Huskies See In The Dark

Sadly, as previously mentioned, huskies do not possess night vision, but they are capable of seeing in the dark much better than humans.

How Well Do Huskies See in Low Light

As a matter of fact, around 5 times better, your husky will be able to see in low-light situations far better than you.

And, if you would ask, the main reason for their good low-light vision is due to the fact that they have a high number of light-sensitive rods within the retina.

There is no vision without light. But it takes less light for your husky to be able to see clearly, thanks to the fact that it possesses more light-sensitive rods in the retina.

In addition, the pupils in a husky’s eyes are larger compared to ours. Bigger pupils allow in more light to begin with.

Huskies can see almost five times better than we can in dim light, with more light and more light-sensitive rods.

However, do not be mistaken; if you leave your Husky in an extremely dark room, it is likely that it can see just about as much as you can.

If your Husky is awake, it is possible you will see it with glowing eyes when you see it at night.

How Clear Can Husky See?

In comparison with their human owners, huskies have 20–40% vision.

And that is thanks to their larger pupils, a greater number of rods with light-sensitive properties in the retina, and other vision adaptations.

Can Huskies See In The Dark

Due to this, they can see objects 90 feet away when they are 20 feet away.

Huskies rely more on motion vision than clarity, and the interpretation of this is that they can see well in low-light conditions.

Huskies can see and perceive their surroundings just as well as any canine would.

That being said, Huskies cannot hear sounds from far away because of the low-frequency end of their hearing range.

This means that a husky is unable to detect low-frequency sounds such as sizzling or rustling leaves.

Do Huskies With Different Colored Eyes Have Vision Problems?

Heterochromia is a genetic phenomenon that means having different-colored eyes.

Light-colored eyes are brighter with heterochromia compared to the surrounding eye area.

The bright eye color may be because of the amount of pigment in the eye.

Some Huskies with heterochromia possess different-colored eyes due to how their genes are expressed.

If you are an owner of a Husky with heterochromia, note that light-colored eyes are more vulnerable to UV damage. The same goes for other owners of Huskies with heterochromia.

A genetic phenomenon causes different-colored eyes, however, keep in mind that they do not affect the health of the eyes of a Husky.

Huskies with heterochromia can see just as well as dogs with two same-color eyes.

Are Huskies Color Blind?

Blindness is relative, and plenty of times, people wonder if dogs and Huskies, in this case, are color blind.

Well, you are definitely in the right place if you’ve had the same question on your mind.

Can Huskies See In The Dark

You should note that the answer with respect to Huskies (Siberian or otherwise) is the same.

However, before that, it is quite important that you know that color blindness happens in degrees.

Some people are likely to think that color blindness means that the person or dog will see things completely in black and white, although this is not true in any way.

Color blindness, particularly in this case, means that the dog does not have the ability to see some colors in the visible spectrum as defined by humans.

Fortunately, these dogs are not color blind. But they do not see as many colors as humans do.

Just like most other dogs, Huskies can also see different shades of violet, blue, gray, and yellow.

But they are unable to see greens and reds in the visible spectrum of light.

That being said, if your husky has a toy with these two colors, you can be sure that the little canine is looking at shades of yellow.

As a matter of fact, be sure that all that beautiful green grass is looking yellow to your little four-legged friend when you take them out to the park.

However, it is obvious that this has no impact on their perception.

With that being said, these dogs are not blind to the entire spectrum of colors, which means that they do not see the world in black and white. But they actually have no clue what green or red looks like.

It is also interesting to think that if you are holding one green ball and one red ball, they will both look the same to your husky.

Keep in mind that if you create games that depend on your dog being able to tell green balls from red balls, it won’t work, and you will only end up confusing them.


Huskies do not have supernatural vision, but they can definitely see better than humans.

In fact, their ability to see things is five times better than ours in both low-lighting conditions and in the dark.

Can Huskies See In The Dark

But, of course, just like us, they require a source of light that will bounce off their retina.

They are able to see better thanks to the fact that they possess bigger pupils compared to humans and also possess more light-sensitive rods in their retinas.

That being said, this concludes this guide, as you now have a detailed answer to the question, “Can huskies see in the dark?”

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